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New Firle Recording Studio Opens

Introducing the Firle Music studio, an opportunity to practice and record music using high quality audio equipment in a beautiful rural location.

The studio is concealed within the 19th century granary building, which used to store grain and mill wheat to make bread for the family, staff and villagers and consists of a live and mixing room in a purpose built sound-proofed and acoustically optimised environment. The rooms were built on platforms that are independent of each other and of the building itself in order to provide the perfect vibration free recording space.

The rooms are fitted with both vintage and state of the art recording, mixing and post production equipment and are available to hire with or without an sound engineer. The studio is currently being used to record individual tracks and albums as well as voiceovers, overdubs, mastering and remastering.

If you are interested please call the estate office on 01273 858 567 or emailing enquiries@firle.com