Firle Place

Herb Garden

The tranquil Herb Garden at Firle Place is situated within the 18th Century walled Kitchen Gardens of the house. Inspired by the colour theories of Modernist painters as well as the importance of  the medicinal benefits of homeopathy, the herbs within the garden at the top section are predominantly blue plants in bloom and used for the head, brain and emotions. This moves to more red tones for the benefits of other parts of the body as you work your way down.

Surrounded by greengage trees on one side with lime and olive trees on the other, The Herb Garden at Firle Place is an original and stunning horticultural concept that becomes a colourful and fascinating space for events of any size.

Located in the middle of the 18th century kitchen garden, the herbs are used to create a range of medicinal balms, beauty ointments, soaps and tisane teas. The space is available for champagne receptions for weddings and is adjacent to the Riding School and St Peter’s church.